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Unleashing an energy revolution

Unleashing an energy revolution

US President Donald Trump signed yet another Executive Order this week, effectively putting an end to the government's war on coal and vowing to start a "new energy revolution."

The President rescinded a number of climate change related executive orders and presidential memos enacted under President Obama, including the Climate Action Plan, carbon pollution standards, plans to reduce methane emissions and consideration of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during environmental reviews.

In addition, calculating the "social cost of carbon" will no longer be the official position of the federal government. 

The White House maintains that the Obama Administration rolled out most of these regulations without public consultations or support from the House. President Trump says the EPA will drop their obsession with climate change and instead refocus their efforts on clean air and water. 

The President says this latest executive order is intended to stop "government intrusion" and "job killing" regulations across all sectors of the US economy.

Trump blames the previous Administration's Clean Power Plan for effectively killing America's coal industry. The country has lost about 20,000 coal-mining jobs in the past decade thanks to improvements in mining automation and intense competition from cheap domestic natural gas. However, coal still provides about one-third of the country's power needs, down from almost 50% just a few years ago. Yesterday's Executive Order also lifts the ban on federal leasing for coal production and returns power to the states.

Although the President has made noise about pulling the US out of the Paris Accord, the current Administration has so far remained silent on the issue.

When asked about Trump's latest initiatives, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada's environmental policies will be determined in Ottawa, not Washington. The PM doesn't buy the argument that Canada's oil & gas industry will become much less competitive, noting that carbon taxes will be "revenue neutral" from the federal government's point of view.

Cenovus moves into the big leagues

Cenovus moves into the big leagues

Suncor and Imperial provide update on Syncrude's Mildred Lake upgrader

Suncor and Imperial provide update on Syncrude's Mildred Lake upgrader